Matt Dial 16660 Seadweller

MATT DIAL 16660 Sea Dweller

by Clayton Liotta

IMG 1785 2

After the run of Plastic Crystal 1665’s Rolex took the Sea Dweller to another level...

The Matt Dial 16660...Beginning from about 5.9 mil and running though about 8.5 mil. More or less...

Please note: This is the commonly excepted range for the Matt Dial 666...There are some people who swear that they have original Matt Dial watches with later serial numbers...This may in fact be true but based on my findings, anything Matt Dial with a serial number later then 8.5 is usually considered by most collectors as a bit suspect. These numbers are only a guide. 

The changes to the 16660 were many and include:

~A flat Sapphire crystal

~The movement was upgraded to a faster beat 3035 caliber

IMG 1876

~The depth rating was increased to 4000FT/1220Meters

IMG 1935

~The case was thicker with a larger and improved Helium escape valve..

~The Date Wheel went from a silver color to an off white color with a slightly smaller font but still retaining the “Open” sixes...

~The watch was equipped with a “Quick-Set” Date feature. (Very Handy indeed)

~The bracelet was now designated as the 93160 and had Solid end pieces #592.

IMG 1936

~The Bezel was now Unidirectional.

~The pearl on the bezel insert was slightly larger and housed in a small metal cup.

IMG 1945

(Because of the way they were mounted, these pearls haver a tendency to “Amber” beautifully...)

~Even the Case Back changed...

Note: On the very early versions the Case Back had only one Crown.

The Dial itself came in two basic variations...

The Mk 1, usually found up until about 8.0 mil

Mk 1

Mark 2

~The Crown is taller on the Mk2 and almost touches (And in some cases actually does touch) the 12 o’clock marker...

~And the bottom off the “F” in the depth rating is over the “V” in “Superlative”

vs opposed to being over the “E” in the Mk1 dial.]

Mk 2

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