The Mayer Dial

The "Mayer Dial" of the Daytona by Delgado

By Ed Delgado

Named after the recording artist, guitarist and watch collector John C. Mayer . (Wiki Entry)

The Mayer dial is an exotic Daytona dial with three colors and ROC (Rolex/Oyster/Comograph) lettering on the dial. The Mayer Dial is black in color, with white subdials and red outter minute tracking. ie 3 colors. This dial, the 3CROC, is associated with screw down daytona models.

There is some controversy involved with this dials regarding whether or not they were ever made by Rolex (Singer) or if it was a clever counterfeit from the 1990s but so far there has been only speculation and no definitive proof has been presented.

Controversy in details.

Lets look at the EVIDENCE of the 3CROC, being a counterfeit

1. Singer stamp looking incorrect- Strong evidence - But NOT definitive.
We see many different types, engraving and prints in Rolex dials

2. The dials were not available until the 90s - NO FACTS to substantiate this.
Some Rolex Catalogs show 2CRCO but no 3CROC.. but not all dial variations were on catalogs.

3. They were all purchased and sold from the US - NO FACTS to substantiate this.

4. They lack certain traits/details that are commonly seen with PN dials - NO FACTS to substantiate this is fake.
Again, many dials for the same model can be quite different.

5. Someone in the UK said so. - NO FACTS, other than repeat the above.


1. Serviced and "Authenticated" by Rolex - Strong evidence - But NOT definitive
As we have seen some fakes/refinished go through their service bays.

2. Sold and "authenticated" by the XXX Auction house- NOT A FACT
Many incorrect watches have been sold by XX and other auction houses..

3. They are have similar characteristics and are beautiful just like all the other PN dials - NOT FACT

4. John Mayer or any other well respected celeb/dealer said so: - NOT A FACT

Until these questions are answered definitively its unfair and speculative in our part to pretend that we know for sure. We all have our opinions on this and strong emotions are being manifested by some but in the end, no one seems to be looking at the evidence and facts.

So I again, there is currently no irrefutable evidence to prove or disprove the above theories.


Here is John Mayer's Personal Rolex Daytona Model 6240 with a 3CROC Dial (Mayer Dial). Photo courtesy of J Mayer. 




Lastly to make things more interesting and to add fuel to the fire...

A Mayer Dial Daytona sold rescently at auction for a record price of approximately $160,000.00 usd.!!  


Photo from Christie's Geneva Auction Lot 187. Nov 12, 2007 

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