Collecting Rolex Watches

Collecting Rolex Watches  

by Ed Delgado

Watch collections are amassed by luck but the best collections are focused and labors of love.

Some advice and these are my personal observations but probably worth putting down. Some people might find other issues are more important to them, so your mileage will vary.

  1. Condition is everything.
  2. The dial is the most important and it must be dead on perfect! or close to it. (unless a VERY rare watch)
  3. Hands should match the dial but will not stop me from buying a watch (mil sub excluded) and most hands can still be found.
  4. Bezels should be correct and match the dial and hands.  These are harder to find specially the bakelite bezels or older subs and should be reflected on the price.
  5. Matching original paperwork is a big bonus specially if the condition is excellent and will add to the value of the watch but not a must.
  6. Original crown, tube, datewheel and crystal are nice to have but not a must as these can also be found.
  7. Movement and caseback information will reveal important information. (An experienced watchmaker's help is crucial)
  8. Making sure that the watch is water proof and has been regularly serviced or is in excellent working order is more important.
  9. DO NOT pass the watch that you really want for a few hundred/thousands dollars.  Step up to the plate, specially the more rare ones. It will pay off in the long run with dividends.
  10. Top watches in top condition will command top dollars. Expect to pay more. Period.
  11. Rare watches in great condition with great provenance will command everything.
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